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mercedes a service

Mercedes A Service

The last thing any car owner needs is a breakdown. If you find out that your Mercedes broke down due to a minor issue, that’s even more frustrating.

This is what might happen if you don’t service your Mercedes.

Routine maintenance and servicing keep your car in a healthy condition. During servicing, our safety inspections can detect small problems before they become big (and expensive).

Also, you risk breaking down more if you do not service your car according to the set schedule from Mercedes. You depend on your car and the last thing you need is for it to break down.

Luckily, it can easily be solved. Mercedes has created two types of main services for your vehicle, to ensure it works optimally, they are:

  • Mercedes A Service
  • Mercedes B Service

To make sure you keep your warranty intact, you need to keep to these set service schedules. No matter which one is due, having a Mercedes service will keep your vehicle healthy and safe on the road for years to come.

Our customer recently came to our workshop at Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre after they were unsure about which service was due on their Mercedes E-Class.

Thanks to our specialist Mercedes team, we were able to assist them. We handle a wide range of issues and service all Mercedes models thanks to our dealership-level access to service records and technical information.

We knew which service was due for our customers’ Mercedes E-Class and once we’d informed them, we began work.

At Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre, we provide dealership-level care and attention, at a better value than a Mercedes main dealer.

mercedes a service

Differences Between Mercedes A and Mercedes B Service

At Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre, we get asked this question a lot. The difference between each service is summarised below:

When your car hits the one-year mark, it typically needs the A Service. This repeats every two years (depending on how much you’ve driven).

The Mercedes A Service covers:

  • Changing the Oil Filter
  • Replacing synthetic Engine Oil
  • Checking Brake components
  • Make sure the Tyres are properly inflated and fixed if needed.
  • Resetting the Maintenance Counter

The Mercedes B Service is more detailed and is recommended for older Mercedes cars or those with high mileage. You usually need the Mercedes B Service one year after the A Service. Each type of service takes turns every year.

The Mercedes B Service includes:

  • Replacing synthetic Engine Oil
  • Changing the Cabin Dust/Combination Filter
  • Resetting the Maintenance Counter
  • Changing the Oil Filter
  • Inspecting Brake components

Our customer was not sure which service was required on their Mercedes E-Class, so they contacted Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre’s experts for guidance.

We accessed their vehicle using our advanced Mercedes software and our team determined which service was due.

Completing the Service

Our team of Mercedes experts looked at our customers service records and found out that the E-Class needed an A service.

Upon checking over the vehicle, we found an issue with the Wheel Alignment on the owner’s front wheels.

Over time, potholes, speed bumps, objects in the road and kerbs can all contribute to misaligned wheels. As can normal wear and tear – it’s a common occurrence across all vehicles.

It may not be a serious problem at first, but over time it can cause issues with safety and handling, and lead to uneven Tyre wear.

As drivers, we all want to be safe on the road, don’t we?

If you ignore signs of misaligned Wheels, then your safety is compromised, and the problem could get worse. Having misaligned Wheels increases the risk of accidents and makes it hard to drive in a straight line.

Our customer’s E-Class was not damaged as a result of the misaligned Wheels, but the Tyres were wearing unevenly. The front right-side Tyre was heavily affected and worn below the legal limit. 

How We Fixed the Issue

Our customers’ Mercedes E-Class required a new front right Tyre and Wheel Alignment after the service.

Making sure our customers are always informed about the issues we find; we called to tell them about the Alignment and Tyre issues. As you are always in complete control, we seek approval before carrying out work.

Once we had permission, we began work on fixing the Wheel Alignment, replacing the Tyre, and performing the A Service. 

We always go the extra mile when our customer vehicles enter our workshop. Following strict Mercedes guidelines and performing extra safety inspections to make sure your car is safe to drive and running healthily.

After the E-Class Service and Alignment, it passed our safety inspection, so we were able to hand back the keys in a matter of hours.

Our customer’s car was Serviced in a much better timeframe than the Mercedes’s main dealer and at a better value. It’s something we promise to all our customers.


Our customer didn’t know what service was due on their Mercedes E-Class.

Our team of experts were on hand to assist and knew what to do to find out.

After investigations, our team worked out that the E-Class needed a Mercedes A Service.

When we had the vehicle in our workshop, we performed a safety inspection which concluded that the Wheels were not aligned, and a Tyre had been worn beyond the legal limit.

Once our customer was informed about the suggested next steps, and only after receiving approval, did we begin working to get the E-Class back running optimally.

In just a few hours, our customer had a serviced Mercedes with a new Tyre and Wheel Alignment to ensure that it would be safe on the road.

If your Mercedes needs a service, or if you are experiencing issues with your vehicle, then reach out to our team of experts at Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre today. 

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