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bmw windscreen wipers

BMW Windscreen Wipers

Your Windscreen Wipers have the vital role of keeping your BMW Windscreen clean. Wipers are an important safety feature and should be maintained properly.

If you have worn-out Wipers which do not clear the Windscreen effectively, you will fail your MOT test.

In this blog, we discover the proper replacement intervals for BMW Windscreen Wipers. Also providing you with a handy buyer’s guide on choosing your next Wiper Blades and how to replace the Wipers yourself.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about BMW Wipers!

bmw windscreen wipers

Benefits of BMW Wiper Replacement

Seeing clearly when you drive in varying conditions is so important. Keeping both front and rear windows clear is an essential safety feature when you are driving, and you need to rely on them more if it’s raining or snowing.

Over time, your BMW Wipers will wear down and not function as well. Early indications of worn Wipers are streaks and smears appearing on your Windscreen. You are more likely to scratch your Windscreen with worn Wipers too, as the metal arms may touch the glass – eventually causing you to replace your entire Windscreen.

If you keep on top of Wiper Blade maintenance and replacements then you could save a lot on repair bills. At Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre, we know all about the correct Wiper Blades for your BMW and can advise and replace them accordingly. Book your Wiper check today!

How Often Should You Replace Your BMW Wipers?

The following signs indicate that your Wipers are failing and need replacing: 

  • Smear Marks: When your Wiper Blades are in bad shape, they could create smudges on the Windscreen.
  • Skipping: If your Wiper Blades are old or not flexible, they may not consistently make contact with the Windscreen. Ignoring this issue might result in costly repairs down the line.
  • Smearing: If your Wipers are spreading water instead of effectively clearing your Windscreen, it can impact your ability to see clearly.

If you notice these signs early, you should replace your Wipers. This will reduce safety risks and make you see clearly out of your Windscreen.

Which Wiper Blades Are Best For Your BMW?

Our team of experts has compiled the ultimate guide to your BMW Wiper Blades.

Your BMW may be equipped with the following types of Wiper Blades:

  • Flat Wipers: In recent times, flat Wipers have gained popularity. Choosing flat Wipers means adopting the latest advancements in Windscreen Wipers. These Wipers have built-in frames, removing the need for extra external framing. They work well with the curved Windscreens commonly found in modern vehicles, improving their effectiveness. However, their performance comes at a higher cost.
  • Silicone Wipers: Suitable for challenging weather, silicone Wipers are known for their durability and efficiency. Operating quietly and smoothly, they perform well in tough climates. As they have superior  performance and give better longevity, they come with a higher price tag.
  • Conventional Rubber Wipers: Less common nowadays, conventional rubber Wipers are often linked with older cars. Choosing conventional Wipers offers a budget-friendly solution without compromising performance in various weather conditions. However, they tend to wear out more quickly, especially in extreme temperatures, necessitating more frequent replacements.

Your local climate, budget and replacement intervals all have a part to play in deciding which Wiper Blades you choose next for your BMW.

bmw windscreen wipers

Wiper Blade Size Guide For BMW Owners

Your BMW owner’s manual gives you the recommended size Wiper Blade you need for your specific model. You can also perform the check yourself by measuring the existing Wiper Blades if you do not have this information. 

Get a measuring tape and measure the length of each Wiper Blade. Do not forget to measure each separate Wiper Blade as sizes can vary. Online parts stores have databases that include Wiper Blade size information for your specific model too. 

If you don’t know where to start with Wiper Blade information then be sure to reach out to our team of BMW experts at Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre. We have decades of knowledge and experience in Wiper Blades and can handle any issue with your BMW.

How To Replace Your BMW Wiper Blades and the Tools Required 

If you’re planning to switch out the Wiper Blades on your BMW, you need the following:

  1. New Wipers – Get replacement BMW Wiper Blades from a local automotive parts store.
  2. Soft cloth or towel – Shield your Windscreen by placing a soft cloth or towel during the Wiper change.
  3. Sturdy gloves – Keep your hands safe from the metal parts of the Wiper Blades with a robust pair of gloves.

Contact our team at Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre if you encounter any issues. Our BMW specialists are ready to help with the installation of new Wiper Blades. Get in touch with us today for a solution to your needs.

How To Replace The BMW Wiper Blades

To replace the Wiper Blades in your BMW, follow this guide:

  1. Check your car’s manual to make sure you have the correct Wiper Blades.
  2. For most BMW cars, you can lift the Wiper arms upright on the Windscreen using the vehicle settings. This makes it easy to access and replace the blades. Look for the instructions in your user manual.
  3. Ensure your Wiper arm is upright for easy access to the blade assembly.
  4. Locate the release mechanism near the joint where the Wiper Blade connects to the arm (either a tab or a button). The location may vary depending on your BMW model.
  5. Press down the tab or button and pull the Wiper Blade toward the Windscreen at the same time.
  6. The Wiper Blade should detach from the Wiper arm. If it doesn’t come off on the first try, press the tab or button again.
  7. To avoid damaging the Windscreen, let the Wiper arm drop gently after disconnecting it from the Wiper Blade.
  8. Lift the Wiper arm away from the Windscreen carefully to prevent damage.
  9. Ensure the new blade aligns with your BMW’s Wiper arm.
  10. Connect the new blade. Once it’s securely in the clip, you should hear a click. The new BMW Wiper Blade is now correctly installed.
  11. Gently reposition the Wiper arm against the Windscreen.
  12. Follow the same process for the other Wiper Blade and the rear Wiper Blade if you’re replacing it as well.
  13. After installation, either use the Wipers or check the vehicle menus to deactivate service mode (or refer to the instructions).
  14. Test the new Wiper Blades to confirm they are aligned and functioning properly.

If you do not like to handle safety critical components like Wiper Blades, then reach out to our team of BMW experts at Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre. Book your Wiper Blade renewal with us and have complete peace of mind that your Wipers will be expertly chosen and fitted.

BMW Wiper Blade Maintenance Tips

To ensure a clear view of the road and not compromise your safety, your Wiper Blades need to be properly maintained. 

Use this as a guide:

  • Regular care: To keep your Wiper Blades in good shape, make sure to clean them regularly. Wipe away dust, dirt, and road grime with a damp cloth at least once a week.
  • Use approved Washer Fluid: Instead of plain water, go for Washer Fluid approved for your BMW. This fluid works better in cold weather, ensuring the effective removal of tough contaminants.
  • Opt for covered parking: When your car is not in use, park it in a sheltered area. This shields your BMW Wipers from harsh weather conditions. Cold temperatures can make the Wiper Blades stiff and prone to cracks, while sunlight exposure can cause the rubber to dry out and crack.
  • Lift Wipers in tough conditions: In challenging weather, lift your Wipers away from the Windscreen. This simple step, often overlooked, helps prevent your BMW Wipers from sticking to the glass in frosty conditions.

Follow this guide to make sure your BMW Wipers last longer and are safe during bad weather.

Recommended Replacement Intervals For BMW Wiper Blades

As an owner, you are responsible for maintaining the safety of your vehicle. At Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre, we advise that your Windscreen Wipers be replaced every 12 months.

It can vary based on several factors:

  • How often they are used
  • Quality of Wiper Blade
  • Environmental conditions

Take a look at the condition of your Wiper Blades every 6 months to make sure they work properly.

Otherwise, squeaks, streaks and smudging are all signs that your Wiper Blades need replacing. Call Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre today for all your Wiper Blade tips and replacements.

Essential Care For BMW Wipers

It’s crucial to regularly take care of and change your BMW Windscreen Wipers for safety and clear vision. If you’re unsure how to do so, get in touch with our specialists at Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre.

We have experience across all BMW models and can assure you of reliable service, upkeep, and Wiper Blade replacements. Reach out to us now to schedule your appointment!

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