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audi brake fluid

Audi Brake Fluid

Maintaining the reliability of your Audi’s Brakes is paramount for ensuring not only your safety but also the safety of your passengers and fellow road users.

To ensure optimal Brake performance, it’s critical to routinely check and maintain your Audi’s Brake Fluid.

At Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre, we understand the importance of Brake Fluid in maintaining the efficiency of your car’s Braking System. This fluid plays a vital role in lubricating moving parts, minimising friction and guarding against deterioration.

Our Audi experts have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you keep your Brake Fluid in excellent condition.

This guide will highlight the dangers of using contaminated or outdated Brake Fluid, along with instructions on assessing its quality on your own.

But if you prefer the confidence that comes with a professional service for your Brake Fluid maintenance, feel free to contact our Audi specialists at Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre.

audi brake fluid

Audi Brake Fluid: What It Does

Brake Fluid is a vital hydraulic component that is essential for transferring the force from your Brake Pedal to your Audi’s braking mechanism, ensuring effective and dependable stopping power.

Let’s explore the essential functions of Brake Fluid in your Audi’s braking system:

  • Hydraulic Force Transmission: When you press your Brake Pedal, the Brake Fluid transmits this force to your Audi’s Brake Pads, creating the necessary friction to decelerate or even stop your vehicle.
  • Heat Management: Friction during braking produces considerable heat. With its high boiling point, your Audi Brake Fluid handles this heat, keeping Brake failure at bay. It also guarantees consistent braking performance.
  • Lubrication and Rust Prevention: Brake Fluid is crucial for lubricating your vehicle’s braking system’s components, like the Pistons and Seals. It also prevents corrosion and wear.

For the best brake performance and safety, it’s important to follow Audi’s specific maintenance guidelines for your model. This includes following the recommended servicing timetable (in your Audi owner’s handbook), regular inspections and timely Brake Fluid replacement.

At Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre, our expertise extends to all aspects of Audi vehicle care. Our services cover everything from routine Audi Brake maintenance to more intricate repairs.

There isn’t a problem our Audi specialists can’t handle. 

Addressing all Audi Brake concerns quickly prevents the issue from worsening, resulting in expensive future repairs. And with us, you get Audi dealership quality for even better value.

Call Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre today to arrange your Brake Fluid servicing.

Driving with Dirty or Low Brake Fluid

Having low or dirty Brake Fluid can significantly affect the braking efficiency and overall safety of your Audi, which is obviously a serious concern.

Here’s why it’s important to address this:

  • Decreased Braking Efficiency: If your Brake Fluid level is too low, there may not be enough fluid to engage your Audi Brakes properly. This can lead to longer stopping times and reduced control of your vehicle, lowering your safety in the process.
  • Risk of Brake Failure: Low Brake Fluid levels can introduce air into your braking system. Air in your vehicle’s Brake Lines can lead to a soft Brake Pedal and reduced braking power, often referred to as Brake Fade. In extreme cases, this could lead to a total Brake failure.
  • Contamination Issues: Brake Fluid can become contaminated over time with moisture, dust, and particles from Brake System wear. Contaminated fluid may fail to lubricate and protect your Brake System effectively, potentially harming Seals and affecting critical components like Cylinders, Calipers and ABS systems.
  • Overheating Risks: Brake Fluid contaminated with water can have a reduced boiling point. Intense braking or harsh driving conditions may cause your Audi Brake Fluid to boil, causing a vapour lock. This results in air pockets within your system, leading to poor performance and a non-responsive brake pedal.

For the optimal safety and performance of your Audi’s brakes, it’s crucial to regularly monitor and maintain your Brake Fluid levels within the recommended range. Regular Brake Fluid replacement is key to removing contaminants and maintaining optimal functionality.

If you’re experiencing low Brake Fluid levels or suspect contamination, our team of Audi experts at Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre can help. We’ve got the knowledge, experience and technical skills to maintain your vehicle’s Brake Fluid in pristine condition.

Call us today and get better than dealer value. 

In Summary

Properly maintaining the Brake Fluid in your Audi is key to ensuring the Braking System remains highly functional. It’s crucial to keep your Audi Brake Fluid clean and at the appropriate level to lubricate and protect your vehicle’s braking components from corrosion effectively.

Neglecting this maintenance can lead to unnecessary and expensive repairs.  Something as simple as low or contaminated Brake Fluid can damage vital components such as Brake Lines, Calipers and Master Cylinders.

Understandably, no one wants to be faced with a large repair bill. 

More importantly is the safety risk associated with poorly maintained Brake Fluid. 

Overlooking it can result in compromised braking performance, lowering your safety while increasing the risk of road accidents.

The easiest way to avoid these cost and safety issues is by servicing your Audi Brake Fluid regularly. 

For the best performance and safety, having a professional manage the maintenance or replacement of your Audi’s Brake Fluid is recommended.

At Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre, our team of Audi specialists is dedicated to delivering exceptional care for your Audi, regardless of the model.

You’ll receive a service that rivals that of a dealership in quality, while surpassing its value.

Call Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre today to book a comprehensive Audi Brake Fluid examination.

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