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This Renault Traffic came to us with a blocked DPF, a glow plug fault, oil dilution with fault codes D297, D025 and D1020.

We collected a vehicle locally to investigate an EML light on and warning ‘DPF blocked’ appearing on the centre console.

After a conversation with the customer gaining vital information about the general condition, servicing and driving style we quickly established it was being used for very short journeys.

A code scan revealed 3 issues, the first was D297 Particle filter clogged, we confirmed this using a manometer to rule out the sensor being faulty.

Second was D025 glow plug faulty and confirmed 2 glow plugs were faulty by load testing them.

And finally, the oil dilution was a calculated fault, D1020 due to an excessive amount of failed regenerations.

We rectified the glow plug fault, replaced the oil and filter and attempted to regenerate the DPF.

Unfortunately the DPF was too blocked and had to clean it manually using our on car DPF cleaning kit.

We then advised our customer on how to get their vehicle to regenerate on its own in the future.