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Nissan Qashqai blocked DPF P2002, P2263

This Nissan Qashqai brought into us with an Engine Management Light on. The AA had looked at it on the roadside and done a ‘Temporary’ repair.

Upon inspection the boost pipe had been cable tied together. We checked fault codes, the dreaded P2002 code and P2263 Boost pressure fault were present.

We also assessed the condition of the DPF, it was quite blocked and had a lot of back pressure. Boost leaks are quite common on these models, so parts were readily available. After replacing the pipe, we road tested the vehicle monitoring the DPF values. With boost pressure back to normal the power returned, and the vehicle carried out a regeneration on its own.

The customer was then advised on their driving style and were very happy the job was done the same day it was brought in.