In our diagnostic workshop this week we have been presented with another Honda Civic which is suffering from a repeated battery drain issue causing a bit of a headache for our this customer. Honda civics of this year suffer this problem quite frequently and we know exactly why and have a solution.

First we carried out some diagnostics to confirm out original thoughts backed up manufactures diagnostic data and wiring diagrams which are an essential part of efficient diagnostics.
Firstly I checked for a drain, between 0.58 and 0.22 amps, I then started removing fuses in the engine fuse box on fuse 16 the drain disappeared. This was the fuse for: central locking, radio, sat Nav, MICU, dash gauges and hands-free telephone control module.

At Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocenter we have full access to all Manufactures data including TSB’s or technical service bulletins which are created by the vehicle manufacturer. Ordinarily this information is restricted to the main dealers but here at C&G Autocenter we have invested heavily in technical information systems ensuring your vehicle gets repaired quickly and cost effectively saving you time and money.

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