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Mercedes Service

Why should you choose Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre?

  • We are the independent family-run Mercedes service specialist that offer excellent value for money, saving you ££s
  • Our technicians only use genuine or high quality Mercedes parts to ensure the integrity of your Mercedes
  • When you use Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre, your existing Mercedes warranty is protected when work is undertaken
  • 12-month parts and labour guarantee gives you peace of mind
  • Experts in Mercedes with many five-star ratings from clients on Google
  • You can spread your Mercedes maintenance costs by choosing our flexible finance plan
  • Upon request, we offer a free courtesy car service so you can stay on the road
  • Our out-of-hours drop-off and pick-up service accommodates your busy life
mercedes service cheltenham


What happens during a service for a Mercedes? What are you checking/replacing?


Lights & Visibility: All lights (front, rear, and internal) are checked to ensure they are working correctly. We check everything lights and visibility, including all windows, wipers, and mirrors, which are checked thoroughly for faults or weak points.


Interior: Seat belts are inspected to make sure they meet current safety standards. Checks are also made on internal controls, such as the air conditioning, hazard lights, horn and other controls.


Under the Bonnet: A complete inspection is conducted to ensure the engine is working correctly, and a thorough examination is conducted. Any leaks or faults within the system are examined. Air and oil filters, spark plugs and drive belts are checked and replaced as necessary.


Steering & Drive System: All joints, gaiters, and wheel bearings are thoroughly inspected for strength and functionality. The effectiveness and friction of front and rear shock absorbers and springs are also thoroughly checked. A wheel alignment analysis will also be performed.


Braking System: All brake pads and discs on the front and rear of the car are inspected and measured according to safety standards. We will also keep a record for the duration of their service life.


Under the Vehicle: Inspection of transmission for leaks, faults, corrosion, and rust. The oil is drained and replaced. A fuel line inspection is conducted before trays are replaced.


Tyres: The tyre tread is inspected, and the tyre’s air pressure is adjusted. The spare wheel and/or inflation kit are also checked. We also examine all wheel nuts to determine if any are damaged or weak.


Final Checks: We ensure that the brake fluid and anti-freeze have the correct levels and aren’t leaking. Refill the engine with new oil. Before the car is returned, the service record is updated.

What kind of service does my Mercedes need?

You can find your service schedule within the handbook that came with the car. It is outlined in your service plan when you will need Mercedes service, and the schedule suggests what work is recommended during your Mercedes lifetime.

On the dashboard of your Mercedes, you will also find an indicator that will illuminate when a service is due, either in distance to go or in date format. In your service book, you will also find a record of previous service history intervals.

Please contact us if you do not have access to your service book. We can then help to determine the best service for your Mercedes.

Mercedes Service Cheltenham

What are the benefits of servicing my Mercedes?


Safety: Some faults can go unnoticed until they cause an accident or become a bigger problem. Maintaining your Mercedes regularly will keep any problems from developing and keep you on the road safely.


Reliability: Mercedes vehicles are known for their reliability, and it’s probably why we choose them. With no regular servicing, you risk losing that reliability and having your Mercedes underperform, which will cost you more time and money in the long run.


Longevity: By regularly servicing and maintaining your Mercedes, you can extend its life. Your Mercedes will perform better for longer if you catch wear and tear issues early.


Savings: Servicing regularly can help detect faults before they become bigger and more expensive to fix. It can also reduce the costs of running and maintaining your Mercedes.

How will I be kept informed about the progress of my Mercedes service?

After completing your Mercedes Service Cheltenham inspection, we will contact you with our findings and recommendations.

We will never complete any remedial work without your consent: no hidden charges, just honesty and transparency throughout.

Our specialists are available to help with any questions you may have.

cheltenham & gloucester autocentre

Additional benefits of choosing Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre:

Free Courtesy Car

Take advantage of a free courtesy car during your Mercedes service to make maintaining your car an easy process. Please let our team know when you book to be eligible for your courtesy car.

Collection & Delivery Service

We understand that it’s not always easy to get your Mercedes to us. So that is why we provide a collection and delivery service to minimise interruptions to your busy life.

Where are you located?

Our garage is conveniently located between the Airport junction and GCHQ, with easy access to the site. There’s no need to travel to the centre of Cheltenham.

Please contact us by phone, email, or even drop by, and one of our team members will be able to assist you.