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mercedes garage cheltenham

Mercedes Garage Cheltenham

Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre is a local independent garage that specialises in caring for all types of Mercedes vehicles. Our founder, Martyn, set up the garage to provide servicing, repairs and MOTs within the Cheltenham area.

Our Mercedes technicians are thoroughly trained across the Mercedes range, offering servicing, repairs, and maintenance. As Mercedes experts, they follow recommended Mercedes guidelines to ensure you receive premium service with great value for money. We have the most recent Mercedes information and genuine Mercedes parts to help us provide the service your car deserves.

Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre provides you with five-star service compared to dealers such as the Mercedes garage Cheltenham. You can check this yourself by looking at our Google rankings!

mercedes garage cheltenham

Mercedes Car Service

Bringing your Mercedes to us allows our technicians to find any potential issues early, reducing the risk of accidents or breakdowns. You will enjoy the best performance from your car with regular maintenance. With better fuel efficiency and increased longevity, you will save time and money.

Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre will maintain your existing Mercedes warranty so that you can rest assured your car is in good hands.

mercedes garage cheltenham

Mercedes MOT

Our technicians understand how stressful and inconvenient an MOT can be. Here at Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre, we want to make the process convenient and straightforward.

Our comprehensive MOT inspects your vehicle to DVSA standards to determine whether it’s roadworthy. With our quick and straightforward service, we get you back on the road in no time.

If you are interested in combining your Mercedes service and MOT, please let us know when you book.

mercedes garage cheltenham

Why travel to the Mercedes Garage Cheltenham? Call Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre today!

mercedes garage cheltenham

Mercedes Tyres

The tyres on your car play a crucial role in keeping you safe. They prevent accidents from occurring. After all, they are what keep you connected to the road. Speak to our team today at Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre to arrange for a tyre evaluation.

mercedes garage cheltenham

Mercedes Brakes

Over a quarter of all accidents are caused by faulty brakes, accidents that could have been avoided. You should schedule a Mercedes brake check immediately if you have noticed a grinding noise on braking or if your stopping distance has changed.

mercedes garage cheltenham

Mercedes Batteries

What should I do when my battery is running low? There are several signs to look out for, one being a clicking sound or your car not starting. Contact us and arrange for a new battery to be installed before the inconvenience of a flat battery ruins your day.

mercedes garage cheltenham

Mercedes Diagnostics

By having access to Mercedes software combined with the skills and expertise of our technicians, we can accurately diagnose your car, which means you can count on a first-time fix every time. This is one of the reasons why we are your trusted Mercedes garage.

mercedes garage cheltenham

Mercedes Air Con

Maintaining your Mercedes air conditioning will keep you cool in summer, warm in winter and demist your windscreen on colder mornings. Contact us today at Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre to schedule an air conditioning service.

Why travel to the Mercedes Garage Cheltenham? Call Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre today!

mercedes garage cheltenham

Clutch & Gearbox

The cost of replacing or repairing your Mercedes gearbox or clutch can be considerable, so act immediately if you notice any changes in the biting point or hear grinding noises while changing gear. Contact us today to schedule an assessment.

mercedes garage cheltenham

Mercedes Exhausts

Not only will a faulty exhaust decrease the performance of your Mercedes, but it can also be costly to fix. If you have noticed a difference in performance, fuel consumption, or maybe even a noisy rattle from your exhaust, get in touch with us today.

mercedes garage cheltenham

Mercedes DPF

A faulty Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) can make the difference between passing or failing your MOT. You may not know when your last one was replaced, so contact us today, and we will be glad to assist you. Book in for your Mercedes  DPF check.

Contact Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre as soon as you notice any changes in your driving experience - you may save a lot of money and time.

mercedes garage cheltenham

Every day, our technicians use their expertise and knowledge to maintain our clients' Mercedes in the best possible condition.

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How will I be kept informed about the progress of my Mercedes service?

As a specialist Mercedes garage, Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre Mercedes technicians ensure all vehicles are taken care of to the highest standard – just as the manufacturer intended.

Our goal is to make sure all of our clients have accurate information so that you can make an informed decision about the maintenance of your Mercedes.

If work is required on your Mercedes, rest assured that first we will contact you with our recommendations, and the final decision is up to you. No work will be performed on your car without your consent.

Additional benefits of choosing Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre:

Free Courtesy Car

We provide courtesy cars to minimise interruption to your schedule while your Mercedes is being serviced.

Collection & Delivery Service

We take the inconvenience out of servicing your Mercedes by offering a collection & delivery service.

Why travel to the Mercedes Garage Cheltenham? Call Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre today!

Where are you located?

Our garage is conveniently located between the Airport junction and GCHQ. We are easy to find and access!

We offer a great value, five-star service. Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre will take care of all your Mercedes servicing needs.

Book your appointment today with the Mercedes Garage Cheltenham