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Citroen DS3 with Engine Light On and lack of power. Fault Code P2002.

Fault Code P2002 – Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1

This one came from Swindon, a 1.6 HDI.

He had been told he had a DPF problem after going to another garage, they didn’t want to get involved with it.

Our first step was to code read the vehicle to confirm the cause of the engine warning light.

Sure enough P2002 was stored. After our initial checks we discovered that the engine oil was considerably above the maximum mark, this is due to continued failed regeneration attempts.

After explaining that we couldn’t go any further with our investigation to the customer he authorised us to change the oil and filter.

Carrying on our checks we confirmed the DPF was clogged with almost 100 mbar of pressure on idle, all our other checks showed no problems with other sensors.

After a chat with the customer he said the vehicle was only used to go to the golf course about 1 mile from where he lived.

So we suspected the problem was down to driving style, the vehicle wasn’t being driven long enough to complete a regeneration.

We then cleaned the DPF, the pressure dropped to 4 mbar on idle and a road test was carried out to ensure the engine light stayed out.

The customer was then advised that once or twice a month he should go for a longer drive (20 miles or so) with at least a third of a tank of fuel to avoid the problem recurring.

Happily enough he collected the car saying he’d have to play some away days on his weekends.

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