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car repair cheltenham

Car Repair Cheltenham

Having regular maintenance on your vehicle is key to ensuring you can continue to enjoy your car for as long as possible. Without this, you could find yourself having to constantly reach deep into your pockets to cover ad hoc repair bills, which is a headache you don’t need.

With the help and expertise of Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre, for your regular servicing and repairs, we can help keep you on the road and save you time and money.

Ongoing servicing and repairs are also a sensible way to protect your investment and ensure that you don’t end up with larger, avoidable repair bills. Our team of experts are here for you, offering a wide range of services to ensure you are safe whilst still enjoying the performance you have come to expect from your vehicle.

For your vehicle’s repairs and maintenance, contact Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre today.

Your local, independent garage for car repairs Cheltenham.

car repair cheltenham


Why choose Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre for your car repair?

We’re an award-winning, independent garage conveniently located in Cheltenham for over 20 years, offering outstanding knowledge and experience in repairing and maintaining cars, vans and commercial vehicles.

With our extensive evaluation process, expertise and knowledge, we offer our clients a unique experience in ensuring they receive the first-time fix every time – saving you time and money.

Specialising in all aspects of car repairs Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre are your go-to independent garage.

Contact our experts today and let us take care of you and your vehicle – Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre 01452 855 555

cheltenham & gloucester autocentre


Modern engineering means cars are more sophisticated than ever, and with that in mind, the role of a mechanic has also had to evolve. At Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre, we continue to stay ahead of other garages with our training, allowing us to become expert technicians equipped to deal with all aspects of your car repair, including all electrical faults.

Our specialists use a unique 15 step evaluation process, allowing us to get to the root cause of the fault, remove the guesswork, and giving you a first-time fix. We will ensure that your vehicle is in prime condition, and we guarantee we will never replace parts unnecessarily.

Book your Diagnostics Cheltenham appointment today. Our team is here to help.

car repair cheltenham


Everyone knows that your vehicle’s brakes are essential in keeping you safe. But did you know they also play a role in maintaining control of your vehicle? The slightest change in stopping distance or a change in steering control can cause accidents that can be easily avoided.

If you have noticed a change in how your brakes respond, our experts recommend you have them checked straight away to avoid further damage and a possible accident.

For a brakes Cheltenham or brakes Gloucester appointment contact Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre today.

car repair cheltenham

For your car repairs Cheltenham, choose Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre!


A suspension system is there to not only ensure a smooth ride in the fight against potholes and speed bumps, but it is also key to providing steering and handling stability whilst creating friction between your tyres and the road.

Have you noticed any change in your steering, or if the ride is a little less forgiving, our experts recommend a suspension check-up as soon as possible.

car repair cheltenham


The inconvenience of a flat battery can cause stress and a headache which could be easily avoided by just paying attention to your car.

Have you noticed a change in battery power or lights dimming, or even just a clicking noise as you try to start your engine? Get in touch with our team immediately, and we can arrange an appointment to make sure you and your vehicle stay on the road.

For car batteries Cheltenham, contact Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre today.

car repair cheltenham

Clutches & Gearbox

A clutch replacement can be a complicated and expensive repair. That’s why we make sure our technicians are highly trained in all manual, semi-automatic and automatic gearboxes, giving you the peace of mind that you are in safe hands.

Maybe you have noticed problems with your clutch or gearbox, like a whirring noise or burning smell when using the clutch? Or perhaps you are repeatedly missing gears? Contact our experts for your appointment today.

When it comes to clutches Cheltenham, contact the experts at Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre today.

car repair cheltenham

For your car repairs Cheltenham, choose Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre!


Rougher terrain and rust are the common enemy of exhausts. And a faulty exhaust can give you a poor driving experience and issues with acceleration and emissions, leading to a potential MOT failure.

With over 20 years of experience, we use our knowledge and expertise to locate the root cause of the problem early and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

For exhausts Cheltenham repairs Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre are here to help.

car repair cheltenham

Diesel Particulate Filter

A Diesel Particulate Filter reduces emissions and keeps you within the strict standards set by the DVSA. A faulty DPF can cause an MOT fail as well as costly repairs.

To make sure you stay on top of your DPF, get in touch if you have noticed a cloud of thick smoke coming from your exhaust or a dip in your vehicle performance. These are possible signs that you need a DPF check, and your vehicle should be checked as soon as possible.

Noticing changes in your diesel vehicle emissions? Book your DPF Cheltenham or DPF Gloucester check with us today.

car repair cheltenham

For your car repairs Cheltenham, choose Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre!

Hybrid & Electric Repairs

Hybrid & Electric vehicles are becoming more common, and garages need to move quickly to care for the complex electric/hybrid cars. Our team of experts are ahead of the game and are fully qualified to deal with the high voltage nature of Hybrid & Electric vehicles.

At our convenient Cheltenham location, we offer Hybrid & Electric servicing to ensure you maximise the potential of your hybrid or electric vehicle.

To service your electric vehicle Cheltenham, book with Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre today.

car repair cheltenham


If a bulb goes on your car, would you know how to change it? But what if it is a bigger problem like an electrical fault or defective wiring. Would you know what to do then? If you have noticed that your lights dim regularly, or some of the lights are no longer working, we recommend you book in with our team of experts as soon as possible.

Whether checking a fault or changing a bulb, we are happy to help.

For lighting Cheltenham checks, contact Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre today on 01452 855 555.

  • Ross B

    7th May 2024

    Called up with slow puncture issue, and fit in straight away. After a short wait (and a free coffee) puncture was repaired for the fraction of a cost of a replacement tyre and I was on my way.

  • les brightman

    23rd April 2024

    As always friendly, efficient and happy. Needed some work done, they quoted for the worst but only charged for the actual work required.

  • Clive Jonathan

    22nd April 2024

    Great service and value for money with my broken car and they also helped me get my motorcycle started when it malfunctioned at their garage , first class 🙏

  • Jane Fletcher

    26th February 2024

    Excellent service very polite and friendly staff.

  • kevin rollason

    25th February 2024

    Excellent service and value for money as always.
    Also thanks for the clean car !
    Mr R

  • Andy-Jo Duffus

    18th February 2024

    Excellent service as always. Always gives clear advice on what does and doesn’t need doing. Reliable and good value.

  • Helen Clarke

    14th January 2024

    Will certainly use them again. Very friendly, efficient, honest service!

  • Wayne Leach

    8th January 2024

    Excellent customer service. These people are very helpful, keep you well informed, and do what they say they will do. Never any delays

  • Trevor Banks

    8th January 2024

    Always professional and very transparent regarding work completed and price.

  • Chris Smith

    24th December 2023

    We've been using Cheltenham and Gloucester Auto centre for a number of years now, for services, MOT and to resolve faults, particularly DPF issues. They have been far better than the Land Rover main dealers that we previously used and have fixed DPF issues where the main dealer was not able to diagnose the problem (or not willing to properly investigate).
    All communications and... Read More

  • Mark Dowling

    23rd December 2023

    Great comprehensive service and MOT at a good price with advisories quoted for without pressure to get done immediately. Lovely friendly service with great communication, couldn’t fault at all 🙂

  • Denise Wright

    6th November 2023

    Really pleased with the speed of service and how regularly was kept informed of developments.

  • Ken Wilford

    6th November 2023

    This Garage has been used by my Wife and I for over 20 years. We have had several cars in that time and even when we moved over 25 miles away, we continued to come back for all services. We will support this Garage still while we are able to drive, and recommend it to anyone we know. We are now back in Gloucestershire and continue to use this Garage.

  • Sheila Appleton

    5th November 2023

    So helpful. They fitted in our son's French ex.'s car when she had a problem with oil loss at very short notice. It's allowed her to drive back to France today. We're very gratef

  • jo porter

    5th November 2023

    One of the main advantages for me is that C&G auto is very near my home, but I find their customer service, warm comfortable and inviting reception area, extras (eg valet, external wash and update texts) above and beyond any other garage I've used. Help with the main mechanical issues and extra advice eg checks re mot advisories, were also brilliant. Thanks

  • James Showers

    28th August 2023

    Megan unusually gracious and helpful. Called me when I was 5 minutes late to my appointment and talked me with directions right in to the forecourt; cup of coffee and made sure I was settled down. Mechanics ' work swift , effective and clean.

  • Simon Forrest

    28th August 2023

    Highly recommended. A great team providing excellent service.

  • Tim Armstrong

    22nd August 2023

    Quick to respond to my initial email, and great service on the day. Great job all round, thanks!

  • rachel lintin

    12th August 2023

    Very friendly family run business. Make you feel like a valued customer. Great service and value for money.

  • Bev Burson

    14th July 2023

    Have been using this garage for several years always friendly reliable and excellent service.

  • Martin Ferris

    8th July 2023

    Very organised and eager to please Obviously the place to go.

  • Sue Nind

    8th July 2023

    This is the only place I have taken my car’s over the years. Always a smile in the ladies faces in the office, they are so helpful. They never rip you off.
    Definitely recommend using this local garage.

  • Sue Evans

    28th November 2022

    Full service, MOT and bumper replacement. Staff friendly and helpful, keeping me up to date on progress. Have been a customer for quite a while, and found their service to be consistently above average in all respects.

  • katie Jackson

    5th November 2022

    we have used this garage for over 10 years and have always had very good friendly service. nothing is too mutch trouble,the staff are always very helpful. we have told our friends about it and now they also go there. highly recomend it.


    5th November 2022

    Great company. Friendly & honest

  • Graeme Hulls

    31st October 2022

  • Grumpy Lumpy

    22nd October 2022

    Great and friendly service. Always use C&G.

  • Clare Williams

    31st July 2022

    Wonderful staff, great service. As a women I feel this garage is not in to making money out of me for made up issues, I trust them to diagnose problems with my car that are legitimate, costs are reasonable, with a full service you get a valet too. I have used them for over 5 years and would not consider going anywhere else.

  • Ken Wilford

    23rd July 2022

    This Garage has been used by my Wife and I for over 18 years. We have had several cars in that time and even when we moved over 25 miles away, we continued to come back for all services. We will support this Garage still while we are able to drive, and recommend it to anyone we know.

  • Nathan Prince

    15th July 2022

    I've been using this company for more than 12 years and never been let down. Their service, integrity, VFM and communication is unrivalled amongst other garages and I wouldn't take my car anywhere else for servicing, MOT or general repairs. Thank you Martin and team :-)

  • Josh Doddington

    19th June 2022

    Very friendly and helpful staff that managed to book us in same day and rectify the issues that we had with our car. We had a long journey ahead so this helped us massively. The staff recommended somewhere that we could eat nearby while we waited. the professional and friendly manner of the staff we encountered was welcomed as our day could have panned out much worse than it did.

  • Dave Algar

    22nd May 2022

    I have been visiting Martin and his team for many years. I found honesty from my first contact. Any work is agreed prior to proceeding so there are no surprises when the vehicle is returned. I can honestly say, I would, and have, recommended Cheltenham and Gloucester autocenter to many friends and colleagues who have made the same observations and comments. They too are now regulars. Well done... Read More

  • Stacy Shevardi

    6th August 2021

    The Customer Service experience provided by Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre was absolutely brilliant & amazing, extremely professional, friendly & helpful staff members, kept me updated throughout the day as to the progress of my car repairs by phone and managed to complete the work for me to collect my car back on the same day. The quality of repair work undertaken was excellent. The cost... Read More

For your car repairs Cheltenham, choose Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre!