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Renault Trafic Blocked DPF

This Renault Traffic came to us with a blocked DPF, a glow plug fault, oil dilution with fault codes D297, D025 and D1020.

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Nissan Qashqai with Blocked DPF – Fixed.

Nissan Qashqai blocked DPF P2002, P2263 This Nissan Qashqai brought into us with an Engine Management Light on. The AA had looked at it on the roadside and done a ‘Temporary’ repair. Upon inspection the boost pipe had been cable tied together. We checked fault codes, the dreaded P2002 code and P2263 Boost pressure fault…

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Citroen DS3 lacking Power

Citroen DS3 with Engine Light On and lack of power. Fault Code P2002. Fault Code P2002 – Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Efficiency Below Threshold Bank 1 This one came from Swindon, a 1.6 HDI. He had been told he had a DPF problem after going to another garage, they didn’t want to get involved with…

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VW Caddy Van P0299 Boost Pressure Regulation Fault.

2009 VW Caddy Van 1.9 PDf – Lack of Power. This vehicle was in for a number of items, one of them being a lack of power noticed when coming off the motorway, slowing down but then no power when back on the accelerator. After a code read we found a low boost pressure fault…

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FIAT 500 Battery drain

FIAT 500 Battery Drain.. On board electronics in cars are wonderful, when they work! Most modern vehicles now come with an array of technology enabling Bluetooth communication and infotainment options. This charming little re incarnation of the iconic Fiat 500 takes classic design and brigs modern technology together, a great concept however not without Italian…

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Honda Civic Flat Battery

Honda Civic 1.8 – Battery Keeps Going Flat.. In our diagnostic workshop this week we have been presented with another Honda Civic which is suffering from a repeated battery drain issue causing a bit of a headache for our this customer. Honda civics of this year suffer this problem quite frequently and we know exactly…

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Renault Master with Fault Code P0335 Fixed.

This week we were presented a Renault Master. Non-start with a fault code P0335. After a visual inspection of the sensor and wiring we found it was subject to a poor repair from a previous job. After removing the crimped wiring, a new connector was soldered on eliminating the high resistance in the wire, enabling…

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Vauxhall Corsa Fault Code P0171 Fixed

Corsa Engine Management Light – P0171 lean bank 1 This customer came in complaining of the engine management light coming on. It had been into other garages for the same fault, but the fix never lasted. The fault code that was stored was a fuel trim lean fault P0171. We got to the bottom of…

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Ford Focus Interior Lights Not Working. Fixed

In the workshop this week we were presented with a 2007 Ford Focus suffering from an array of electrical problems including interior lights, glove box light and boot lights not working. After checking the fuses and finding a blown one, we replaced it and it blew again indicating a short circuit. we then consulted a…

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