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air conditioning cheltenham

Air Conditioning Cheltenham

It could be time to service your air conditioning system if you have noticed it isn’t working as it should. Maybe your air conditioning is blowing a little warm when you want it cool? Or perhaps the system takes longer to demist your windscreen on colder mornings?

While keeping you cool during the sunnier days, an effective air conditioning system will ensure your windows are thoroughly demisted in the winter months, improving visibility and keeping you safe.

So if you have noticed a change in your vehicle’s air conditioning system, why not book your Air conditioning Cheltenham service with our team of experts today. Let us help you get back to enjoying your car, regardless of the weather.

air conditioning cheltenham

Why choose Cheltenham & Gloucester Autocentre for air conditioning?

As the leading independent garage in Cheltenham and Gloucester, we are qualified to care for and service your air conditioning system.

With access to premium parts and our team’s expertise, you will know your car is in safe hands. We are skilled to service all aspects of your air conditioning system, ensuring that you receive fuss-free, award-winning service every time.

And rest assured, you are kept informed every step of the way, so you know you will never receive any unexpected surprises.

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Why does my aircon blow warm air when it should be blowing cold? Can you fix it?

If your air conditioning system is blowing warm air, the system could be in need of a regas, or there could be a bigger problem within the system. While a regas is a relatively simple fix, problems with broken ducts, compressors, or electrical faults can be much more complex.

To ensure that you keep your cool, book your air conditioning Cheltenham service today.

air conditioning cheltenham

To book your Air Conditioning Cheltenham service

Call 01452 855 555 today.

air conditioning cheltenham

What is an air con regas?

Your air conditioning system uses a liquid called refrigerant, which works within your air conditioning system to keep your vehicle cool.

As the level of refrigerant drops, this makes your air conditioning noticeably less effective.

A regular regas is recommended to top up the refrigerant levels, keeping the system working as it should.

air conditioning cheltenham

What’s an air con service?

Our Air conditioning Cheltenham service is a full review of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. We assess the complete system, starting with a thorough inspection of all the system’s working parts.

We check to ensure it is working exactly as it should be whilst also checking for wear and tear/damage. If our team finds any faults or issues, we will let you know our findings and then we can repair this straight away, as long as you are happy for us to do so.

How much does a regas/service cost?

Prices vary depending on your vehicle’s air conditioning system, and the work needed. Give us a call, and one of our team will be more than happy to give you a price.

Will you check my air con for free?

We happily offer a free air conditioning efficiency check to make sure your air-con system is running optimally.

If we find an issue or fault during our assessment, we will notify you immediately, and if you are happy for our team to start the fix, we will get your car back to its optimum condition.

air conditioning cheltenham

To book your Air Conditioning Cheltenham service

Call 01452 855 555 today.